Wednesday, February 24, 2010

S2 Wraps edits are very addictive.

If you would like to try this style, please visit our group here. There is a tutorial on the group page.

These are some of my S2 edits.

*  AJ -  S2 Wraps Blend  *

* Species *

* Amy Lee-Greystoke *

* PG # 3 *


Debbie said...

I'd love to try this. Your examples are incredible. From the looks of the tute I should be able to manage with my PSPX2.

I like your blog! Hope you enjoy working on it :^)

Paréeerica said...

Thanks Debbie. I am using Photoshop CS3 Extended, but if you are stuck on anything, please let me know. It's a very addictive style, when I first started I couldn't do enough of them. :)

Brenda Clarke said...

I think your S2 Wraps are among the best I've seen. You always know exactly which images/textures will work the best.

I've only attempted it a couple of times but I've never been happy with my results.

After viewing this though, I think I'm tempted to give it another try ;)

sevenTsix said...

A very smart collection Parée. Keep them coming :)

Paréeerica said...

Thanks Brenda & Sandy.
I used to do a lot of these when I first started, but haven't done a lot recently. I must do some more soon. Thanks for stopping by.